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If you’re a neurotech device company, you know that creating a unique solution is only the first step to success. Once developed, your innovation must be marketed and sold to the right audience before another company takes your competitive advantage. Speed to market is critical to success. Our extensive experience in technology business development both B2C and B2B helps guide the best decisions for a successful product launch and sustained revenue generation. We can help no matter where you are in the process.

Innovations We Focus On





Brain Computer Interfaces

Haptic Devices

Neurotech Solution Areas

Cognitive Enhancement

Non-invasive brain stimulation devices using tCDS, PEMF, TMS and other technologies

Focus Improvement

Innovations designed to enhance focus, reduce distraction and increase attention

Brain Measurement

Headbands, caps and BCI devices
using TD-fNIRS, EEG for full brain activity tracking

Stress Reduction

Neurofeedback and other technologies to facilitate lowered stress and facilitate meditative states

Memory Enhancement

tACS, tCDS and emerging technologies to help restore memory functioning

Brain Longevity

40hz light, sound, and vibration, PBM, and other technologies for brain longevity

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